OFFICIAL Miss Cherry Martini/Queen of decals collaboration ‘BABE VON BAT-TRESS

OFFICIAL Miss Cherry Martini/Queen of decals collaboration ‘BABE VON BAT-TRESS

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Exciting collaboration between Queen of decals and renown artist ‘Miss Cherry Martini, this amazing collection is exclusive and to Queen of decals.

** My full cover decal images are larger than regular decal images, they are designed to fill, go up to or off the nail sidewalls/length to represent a hand painted style design.
All of my decals are chemical resistant and can be used with gel polish or encapsulated into acrylic.

This decal is printed using revolutionary white ink technology, which means it will stay opaque over any nail base colour. ***No white base needed***

I pride myself on my decals being original hand drawn mini pieces of art and of the highest quality.
they are available in different sizes and come with full easy to follow instructions.
Size Guide
Regular - For gel polish, short/mid length nails
Large - For extended nails
Extra large - For Extreme nails

The decals need to be applied over a white base, simply soak the decals for 10-20 seconds, then slide the image off the backing sheet, onto the nail.

There’s lots of YouTube Tutorials if you search ‘Queen of Decals’
MY hints and tips: I like to tuck the decal right into the sidewalls with my cuticle tool, then I gently melt away the access decal using a small nail art brush